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Dry ginseng sales for this season begins September 1st for ginseng from Va: and September 15th for ginseng from Ky: & Tn:

We have very high quality dry wild ginseng available during season.

We dry the wild roots ourselves no one else is involved in the process of drying the ginseng it is not over handled and broken up this is why our wild dry ginseng is the highest quality available to you.

Our dry wild ginseng is not sold and handled four or five times through several different dealers.We dig wild ginseng ourselves and purchase wild ginseng directly from the diggers in our area of ( Eastern Ky ) Therefor we do not sell over handled broken up and picked through wild ginseng.

Let me explain

Allot of consumers purchase poor quality wild dry ginseng simply because they buy the ginseng from the fourth or fifth dealer down the line By the time that a customer receives the ginseng it has been bought and resold many times The dry ginseng has been broken up by then and has been picked through to many times reducing the overall value and quality of the dry ginseng and still the consumer is paying top prices for it.

Ginseng Websites do not tell you this because they can not say that they dig,purchase,and dry the wild ginseng themselves I can tell you this because it is true I can welcome you to my home and prove that what I say is true.

For the highest quality wild ginseng available today buy from one of the only dealers in the United States who drys and sells his own wild ginseng cutting out the middle men and sustaining the highest quality of wild ginseng available from the states of Ky: Va: & Tn:

Contact Billy using the contact us page provided.

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